Mammoth Automotive s.a.l. is located in Lebanon, at the center of the industrial area in Sad el Baouchriye/El Metn. We are specialized in high quality material handling products, as hydraulic and mechanical forklift truck attachments, traction batteries and battery charger stations.

Representing KAUP GmbH & Co. KG a worldwide leading German producer of forklift truck attachments, stationary handling equipment and container spreaders. One of Europe's leading manufacturers of attachments for forklift trucks. Besides the Head Office in Aschaffenburg KAUP operates 11 own branch companies and is present in 33 countries with 19 independent representatives. Mammoth Automotive s.a.l. is proud to hold KAUP NEAR EAST, one of the official subsidiaries. KAUP annually produces around 40.000 attachments with a high level of quality and a good price-performance ratio. 

For your other inquiries of forklift truck attachments, environment/storage, hazardous materials containers, recycling and waste materials containers, we can offer you a huge range of products made in Germany by BAUER Südlohn. Established in 1966 and have sold more than 1.000.000 products worldwide.

We also represent the Belgium company BATTERY SUPPLIES. As the name implies, it supplies everything concerning batteries. Batteries for cars, trucks, industrial cleaning machines, scissor lifts, aerial devices, fork-lift trucks, UPS, electrical tools etc.

Besides, we dispose of a complete range of accessories like e.g. battery chargers, filling systems and maintenance systems.

For the supply of industrial rectifiers and battery chargers, we chose POWERGEN, the Italian battery chargers manufacturer. Chargers constructed with advanced technology and dedicated hardware and software, able to solve all the problems concerning the recharge of all kind of batteries