Original spare parts from KAUP


Proven components for all KAUP equipment

Original KAUP spare parts create a sense of trust. Because they meet the highest standards for technique and quality which we place on components.

Original spare parts from KAUP are components which have proven their worth thousands of times before and which we use, in the same form, in our newly manufactured equipment. They always ensure the optimal interplay between all components and maximum reliability. Therefore with KAUP original spare parts our customers always have the current state of technical development.
In addition using original spare parts guarantee claims based on defects and periods of limitation.


Rapid availability for short downtimes

KAUP original spare parts represent best possible availability of spare parts at fair prices. The modular design of the KAUP's attachments and our efficient service network make this possible. Therefore 95 percent of all spare parts are available within 24 hours.

Our original spare parts reduce potential downtimes of all KAUP equipment. And this not only today but in the future as well. KAUP offers complete support over the entire lifetime of every KAUP product.

For your inquiries, please send en Email including the attachment's serial number mentioned on the ID plate to:
ziad.daghfal@kaup.de or sales@mammoth-automotive.com




Maintenance done by professionals - to ensure a long service life

We best know our attachments, Stationary Devices for Material Handling and Container Spreaders. We have designed and manufactured them. Therefore we know what has to be done to ensure an optimal operation of our devices during the entire service life.

One element is the KAUP maintenance service. Because regular maintenance with KAUP original spare parts enables our devices to work successfully for a long time. And our company service technicians and repair mechanics ensure that the original spare parts are installed correctly.


This type of intensive maintenance has several advantages:

·         Predictable costs - transparent pricing for maintenance services and KAUP original spare parts

·         Higher availability of devices - faults and downtimes become avoidable

·         Longer service life - detection and limitation of wear and tear


Servicing done by professionals - to ensure a long service time

You expect your KAUP attachment, your Stationary Device for Material Handling and your Container Spreader to perform their task without breakdowns. That's what we expect too. But if there is a downtime our highly qualified service technicians and repair mechanics ensure prompt service and, in case of repairs, maintenance within the shortest period of time.


We obviously want, in case of repairs, that the resulting downtime is minimized. Our service technicians are quickly on-site when required to repair defective attachments within the shortest possible time. Or we will supply you with a KAUP attachment free of charge for use while repairs are carried out.

KAUP Service Hotline:


The KAUP service team is at your disposal 365 days a year, in urgent cases even outside normal business hours, for technical support.

Ordering spare parts is only possible during our business hours. (Monday - Friday 7:00 to 17:00 CET)


The number of KAUP service hotline is: +49 172 6295 297